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New! Exceptional Selling Audio Book
Unabridged on 6 Audio CDs, read by Jeff Thull
Our Price:US $34.95

Listen to the author, Jeff Thull, as he challenges conventional thinking and gets down to the key ingredients – the “magic sauce” that combines a powerful communication mindset, exceptional skills, and winning disciplines distilled from the best of the best.  In this audio CD version of the book, you will get the edge that will enable you to succeed – setting yourself apart from your competition, connecting to your customers’ hearts and minds, and clearly establishing the value you offer.
New! Mastering the Complex Sale SECOND EDITION Audio Book
Unabridged on 6 Audio CDs, read by Jeff Thull
List Price:US $49.95
Our Price:US $34.95
Sale Price:US $34.95
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Listen to the author, Jeff Thull, leading-edge strategist and valued business advisor, continue to evolve the breakthrough thinking of his bestselling classic Mastering the Complex Sale, in this new edition now on audio CD Jeff Thull once again pushes the envelope to give professionals—from individuals struggling with their first call, to senior executives trying to figure out why their value strategy is falling short—a comprehensive guide to navigate and win high-stakes sales. Based on continuing research and loaded with examples, Mastering the Complex Sale provides detailed models, tools and a comprehensive road map for unleashing the potential buried in your company’s value capabilities and the products and services you sell, service and protect.
Three Powerful Diagnostic Questions
Our Price:US $29.95

This CD is about great questions that lead to great conversations that will help you establish relevancy, credibility, and respect, no matter what the context. If you are the new recruit wondering how to frame the first call, the sales veteran fine-tuning diagnostic skills, a line manager coaching a team, or the senior executive conversing with strategic partners and customers, apply the content of this CD to your conversations and you will open up valuable lines of communication through your entire network.
Close The Value Gap
Our Price:US $29.95

Close the Value Gap – A cross-functional approach to translating value-based solutions into bottom-line profitability. Jeff Thull, CEO and President of Prime Resource Group, addresses two very challenging issues facing businesses today: Customers are reluctant to pay for unique and valuable solutions and half or more of the value promises made by B2B sellers are never fulfilled. How did we get here? How do we fix it?
Top Ten "Key Thoughts" of Mastering the Complex Sale
Our Price:US $29.95

The Top Ten “Key Thoughts” CD will give you insight into how to replicate the success of top performers in an Era Three Market, a market diluted with complex solutions to complex problems in the customer’s world and the challenges both the buyer and seller face in understanding, articulating and measuring the value of both the problem and the solution to resolve it. This CD will give you Prime Resource Group’s “Top Ten Key Thoughts”…tactical and critical concepts for differentiation through implementation of Prime’s Diagnostic Business Development® process.
Connecting at the Level of Power and Decision (Audio CD)
Our Price:US $79.00

The ability to sell to executives at ever higher levels and into the C-suite itself has become a non-negotiable prerequisite of success in the high-stakes sale. Sales professionals and their leadership teams are quickly discovering that selling up the ladder is a major challenge. It’s getting even harder to break through and few succeed. Jeff Thull loaded this 60-minute audio CD with specific language, skills, examples, and behaviors…the how-to’s for the critical conversations you need to have with anyone who has the power to make the decisions or influences the decisions to buy.